East Lansing MI Attractions – What’s There To Do In The City?

When you see the words ‘East Lansing,’ you might think that someone is referring to the eastern portion of the capital city. Yet East Lansing is its own city indeed. It’s right beside the capital city, but it’s on the western side. Just kidding, it’s on the eastern side, and here are some things you can do when you get to East Lansing, Michigan.

One of the top attractions found in East Lansing is Michigan State University. Its address is 220 Trowbridge Road, and it is said to have a country-like campus. One of the points of interest located on campus is the Beal Botanical Gardens. People say the campus with its old stately buildings is quite beautiful, and you will also find a museum there. See what all you get into with a visit to the Michigan State University campus.

Eli and Edith Broad Art Museum is located at 547 East Circle Drive, and it’s about art at MSU. You’re going to find out that many of the local attractions are tied the MSU campus. The building that houses this art museum is an architectural landmark, and you’re going to be able to explore a total of three floors. And what’s even better is the art museum features free admission.

Ellison Brewery + Spirits is another local attraction in East Lansing, and its location is 4903 Dawn Avenue. The place is real down to earth according to the reviews, a hole in the wall according to one source. The locals seem to really enjoy it, and it’s a great place to spend some time with family or friends and enjoy some brews.

Patriarche Park is a cool place to visit in East Lansing when you’re wanting to be outdoors. The address for Patriarche Park is 960 Alton Road, and there is a huge pavilion there. People talk about hosting special events at the park, too. The kids will love it, and the park is a great place for family time. Perhaps it’s even a good time for a picnic.

What do you think about that picnic? What about a trip to MSU? East Lansing is a really cool place to visit and to live. It’s right by the capital city in Michigan, and you’ve got a really nice selection of places of interest to check out. Here’s to your travels, and I hope you have a great time exploring everything that East Lansing has to offer.